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Scientific observations

Astronomical Observations
Astronomical Observations

Amici dedicated most of his astronomical observations to double stars since they constituted an excellent test for his telescopes, but he pointed his objectives to the sun as well, to measure its equatorial and polar diameters, to observe eclipses and sunspots, and to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and their satellites, and to comets. He did not disdain meteors or falling stars either; but he left little published material about this.

Biological Observations

Biological observations

Almost half of the scientific papers of Giovanni Battista Amici were written about biological observations, mostly about botany (morphology, histology, physiology, fertilization, embryology and phytopathology) but also about animal histology (muscular fibre). In more than forty years of microscopic observations in the field of botany his interests were concentrated on four main issues: circulation of sap in the Chara cells; morphology of the Characeae; fertilization process in the Phanerogamous plants (Angiosperms); phytopathologies.